Meet Sipsik

Who is Sipsik, what is his story and where can you buy a nice Sipsik toy and a Sipsik storybook. Read about it in the paragraphs below.

Who is Sipsik?

Sipsik is talking, thinking and quite self-will rag doll, sewn by Mart for his sister Anu’s birthday. At first Sipsik was an ordinary toy until one day it began to speak. Since that time Anu and Sipsik became inseparable! Sipsik has taken part in all kind of Anu’s adventures: walking on the roofs and swimming, diving and taking a taxistaying alone at home and other exciting things.

We hope that Sipsik can be a good friend and a playmate for You too.

Sipsik is the one of the most well-known and beloved children book characters, written by famous Estonian writer Eno Raud. The Sipsik character was born in 1962 when the same-named book was published the first time.

Here is the story how it was …

Mart’s birthday gift for his youngest sister

Mart began to make a doll for Anu’s birthday.
On the first day he made the body.
On the second day he made the head.
On the third day two hands were made.
On the fourth day the legs were made.
And then he sewed all parts together and the doll was ready!

Sipsik had black hair, a big-eyed smiling face and a blue-and-white-striped suit.

How the Sipsik idea was born

The children’s writer Aino Pervik has talked about it in July, 2011 interview for kids magazine “Täheke”:

“I saw the births of Sipsik. Almost 50 years has passed since that time, when Eno Raud had sat near to me in small room and talked about his idea to write a story about little girl and her doll. The doll might be done by her brother. Then he has taken the paper and pencil and started to write. Anu was chosen as a girl name, her brother got the name Mart.

Thinking about the doll name took a little bit more time, but finally it could not get the other name, besides Sipsik.

The Sipsik means in Estonian tot or little fellow, and if someone is called Sipsik, it means he is lovely cute kid, no matter small he/she or grown-up.

The story was written and published in “Täheke” magazine.

Then Eno has written more stories about Sipsik and they were enough to put the book together.

Certainly, Sipsik has needed its own appearance. In spite of the description presented in the story, his picture was missed. Edgar Valter was the person, who created the Sipsik image.

He has drawn about twenty different variations of Sipsik and it was quite difficult to choose only one of them. They all were funny and cute, but at the end we decided together, which of them is the right image of Sipsik. This Sipsik is now in front of you: rag doll in striped suit, yarn black hair and smiley face.

It’s difficult to imagine the other Sipsik today.

Such was the first Sipsik, drawn by Edgar Valter in 1961 year.

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