Sipsik T-shirt


Shipping cost via parcel machine 2.95 EUR


Children’s T-shirt with “Sipsik on the moon” picture. The shirt has the well-known image of Sipsik “Sipsik on the moon”, just like the cover of the nice Sipsik children’s book!

The T-shirt is available in two colors: traditional “Sipsiku blue” and classic white. The shirt is made of high-quality 100% cotton fabric.

When placing an order, please indicate the desired size according to the wearer’s age/height:

for 7-8 year old (122-128 cm)

for 9-10 year old (134-140 cm)

for 11-12 year old (146-152 cm)

for 13-14 year old (158-164 cm)

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